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Know the facts about the AR-15

Banning AR-15s (Armalite Rifle) is like banning a Ford Taurus in hopes of curbing drunk drivers. It’s a model, not an assault weapon. AR-15s are a very popular model because of all the different ways you can configure them. Having built one myself recently, I can personally attest to how truly fun these things are to shoot.

Not into shooting? Fine, that is your choice, but just because it may be something you’re not into, doesn’t mean it should be stripped from the planet. I urge you to do a little research, you’d be surprised and how few deaths are caused by rifles… any rifle not just ARs.

Please don’t get caught up in the political mess and misinformation that surrounds AR-15s and those that own, shoot or sell them. I own pistols and rifles for personal protection and sport. Nothing more, nothing less.

Killers will kill, regardless of the tool. Don’t punish the millions of lawful gun owners because of the few sensational cases that misrepresent the base. Use your mind, not your emotions.

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