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Another quick mod to my Ghostbuster trap

I swapped out the on/off button on both my Rubies and Spirit Ghostbusters traps. It was nice to get rid of the “try me” mode on the Rubies trap, and now it’s so much easier to switch the trap on/off with one hand while holding the handle.

This mod is super easy. You just need to un-solder the existing wires and solder them to the new switch. The Rubies trap with the remote pedal actually has four wires going to the stock switch (two extra used for the “demo” mode), so you’ll only need to re-solder the green and yellow wires to the new switch.

The nice thing about these switches is they fit in the current switch spot without cutting off the stock mounts. You do need to enlarge the stock switch slot a bit, but not much. I simply used a flat head screwdriver and twisted a slightly larger hole.

The last image shows the connections for the Rubies Trap (w/pedal), the Spirit trap will only have a black and grey wire connected to the switch.

New mods to my Rubies Ghostbusters trap

Not screen accurate by any means, but I love how this quick mod looks on my Rubies Costume Company Walmart exclusive Ghostbusters ghost trap.

I found a 10ft thin coaxial cable with BNC male connectors already on each end, a pair of mountable BNC female connectors and wrapped it up with 10ft of 1/8 inch split loom.

Finished it off by adding some red electrical tape and a few little zip ties to each end, similar to how they look in the films.

Now I can trigger the trap at a much greater distance than the short little wire it came with out of the box.

Next I think I will work on creating a new motherboard for my Rubies Costume Company proton pack as I truly lament over the lamo cardboard and cloth board it came with.